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  • Post published:May 14, 2020

Social media platforms have become an important key to a successful business. It does not matter if you own a local store or a large company. Having a strong social media presence is crucial as it provides you with a phenomenal marketing opportunity to expand your business.

Although most of the businesses follow the same basic concept of growth and success, yet the jewellery business works in an entirely different way. It is one of the highly competitive businesses that require efforts, creativity, investments, and standards.

Do you want the people to be more heedful of your jewellery business? If so, stay tuned, as this post will provide you with some tips on social media marketing for jewellery shops.

Before rushing to the main discussion thread, let us have a brief look at what social media marketing mean!

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Have you ever seen ads generated by Facebook while using it?

This is because the third-party advertisers are using Facebook as a tool to foster their products or services.

Moreover, you might have seen several business pages on Facebook, which not only engage their followers but also spread awareness about their business on a large scale.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) refers to the use of social media platforms and profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, websites, etc. to promote a product or service.

SMM helps to spread awareness about your product or service, which leads to an increase in potential customers. We can call it an inexpensive technique for digital marketing.

Now you might be wondering how social media marketing for jewellery business would be incredibly beneficial.

To understand this we need to focus on some statistics:

● According to Sprout Social 2019 Index, 89% of marketers use Facebook in marketing their brand, 82% to 85% of consumers use the platform, and 65% to 67% of the users follow a brand on Facebook.

● Over 90% of users follow a brand on Instagram.

● Approximately 77% of users on Pinterest have discovered a new brand on the same platform.

● About 54% of people use social media platforms to search for a new product or service as per the Global Web Index 2018.

These statistics provide you with the reason that why investing in social media can be the right choice for your jewellery business.

Why Do You Need Social Media Marketing for your Jewellery Business?

Here are the reasons you must adopt a social media marketing strategy for jewellery business.

1. For Business Expansion: To expand your jewellery business, you need a social media presence. For example, you have created a Facebook business page in which you post pictures and videos of various jewellery items along with their prices and all the necessary details. This page will act as a communicative medium to contact and attract various customers. One can call it as Facebook marketing for jewellery shops.

SMM will help you to connect with a larger group of people, as well as, it will increase awareness about your brand and help you in boosting up your sales. All these things will ultimately take your business to another level by expanding it.

2. Its Cost Effective: Are you worried about investing money in your business’ promotion? Don’t worry, as a social media marketing technique is cost-effective.

Social media can be the most effective way to promote your business or product without investing a great deal of money. Social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter may attract customers and building loyal relationships with them. Moreover, if you decide to pay further for advertising your product on social media, then it will be less expensive as compared to advertising on traditional media.

It’s important to look for a cost-effective digital marketing company in Delhi to make your investment a lucrative one.

3. Authenticates your Brand: When you will bring your jewellery shop on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc., you are authenticating your brand by providing social proof to your customers. This will build a relationship of trust and loyalty with your customers.

To capture or attract new consumers, your jewellery shop needs to develop brand trust. Developing brand trust will encourage more audience to buy your product. Loyalty marketing and transparency are the basis of a successful business, which one can achieve effectively through social media platforms. Consumers should be informed about all the minute details regarding the products and services. By providing them all the information through social media platforms, you are effectively maintaining transparency.

How to Expand Your Jewellery Business With Social Media Marketing?

Now that you know why social media is essential for your jewellery business, let’s move further to the essence of this post.

Below are various social media marketing tips that can help your jewellery business to grow and succeed effectively.

Here we go!

1. Focus on visual information: Visuals are always more attractive than text. You will never regret investing more in photos and videos of your products. Try to include astonishing high-quality photos of your pieces of jewellery in your social media posts. You can prefer images of vibrant, clear, and gleaming pieces of jewellery that can quickly catch the eyes of the customers.

Video marketing can also help in expanding your jewellery business. You can upload short, captivating and thought-provoking video snippets of certain jewellery to foster your products. Remember, it is very important to select the right images and videos as it can draw in more customers. You can also use infographics, which is a visual representation of information.

2. Have a great website: Having a great website is a tremendous key to catch the eyes of more and more customers, which will significantly increase your inbound traffic. If you are unaware of how to commence with it, you can take help from one of the best website designing company for jewellery shops.

By investing in one such company, you can have a brisk, appealing, and clean designed website that will narrate your brand story to the visitorsA great website should also have high-quality content that will bind your audience by delivering the right message into their hearts and minds.

Apart from uploading captivating videos and photos of your jewellery, you can also follow some tips and tricks for making a great website content. For example:

● Always make your headlines interesting and captivating as it invites readers and sparks their interests.

● Provide a promising introduction to gain the trust of the audience.

● Try to include stories in your content as it will not only engage your audience but also meet the customer’s requirement of minute details and information.

3. Master SEO: Social media will increase your inbound traffic. Thus, you need to master SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to improve your jewellery business’ ranking in Google search results.

For this to accomplish, you can invest in any one of the SEO companies for jewellery in Delhi NCR. These companies will make your website more attractive by making some changes in its content and visuals. They can effectively help you to improve your jewellery business’ visibility online.

4. Be Consistent: When you create a social media page on any social media platform, you must be consistent with updates. This does not mean that you have to post about your jewellery items every day. You can do it once in three days or once a week according to your business revenue.

Business pages that are active with their regular updates enjoy better sales and search visibility as compared to ones who are not that active. Regular updates are essential so that the customers can know about the upcoming jewellery collections and latest designs. Being consistent not only encourages customers’ engagement but also build trust among customers.

If you have a problem with being consistent, always outsource your work to the best Facebook marketing company in Delhi.

5. Analyze your Audience: Before bringing your business on social media, it is quintessential to analyze your audience and know that whether you are reaching the right people or not. To build your audience online, it is extremely important to understand the different nature of communities across social media. Social media audience analysis helps you to know the age, interests, nature, education, and needs of the audience. This will help you to create a business page only on the social media platforms where your target audience is present.

Final Thoughts

Social media has drastically changed the strategies of marketing in business both small scale and large scale. It provides an opportunity to display your services and products to a larger audience. Using social media platforms, you can lower your advertising costs and increase your potential customers.

If your jewellery business is still not on social media, you are missing out a lot. These social media marketing tips would certainly help you to expand and grow your business effectively.

Don’t have time to do so? Are you engaged in managing other core operations of your business? If so, we’re here to help you!

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