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How to get more customers online?

Are you being a Salon owner, an independent stylist, beautician, make-up artist or hairdresser; and looking for quick tips to increase your business multi-fold?

With these 7 simple social media marketing tips for salons, you can increase your business 10x in just a few months.

We bet, if you follow these 7 tips, you would see a steep rise in your business volume.

So, lets begin.

  1. Show what you do: You have skills. Do not shy away from showing your skillset to your customers, old and new. Customers are always looking for something unique. Search for the skillset that makes you stand apart from the crowd and makes you more identifiable.

    The differentiating term here is to be ‘IDENTIFIABLE’. You can opt to stand out from the crowd by doing anything different, but you would become ‘identifiable’ when your audience would have a connection with you.

    Share images or videos of your style regularly. You can opt to rope in your customers to add a testimonial about your style to acknowledge the effort put in by you.
  2. Test New Ideas – Take quick feedback: Social media channels like Facebook and Instagram share deep insights about the content that you share on your business page. You should regularly compare the response on your content in terms of age of your audience, location, male vs female ratio, likes, views, hashtag traction, etc. to understand more about what your audience likes.

    You would be pleasantly surprised to get real-time feedback from your customers. The best way to get feedback is through Instagram stories. Make use of polls in Instagram stories to get feedback from your audience and engage with them regularly.
  3. Schedule Appointment: Do you want to limit your audience to only like and comment on your content or take a business action? Of course, you want them to make a booking with you.
    When your audience has discovered you on social media; the booking integration has to be within it. Be there.

    Facebook & Instagram were the first social media platforms to introduce integration with multiple third-party applications. Currently, Instagram offers you integration with 16+ applications as mentioned below:

    a. Acuity Scheduling
    b. Appointments for Square
    c. Appointy
    d. Booksy
    e. Fresha
    f. GenbookBookNow! Application
    g. GoDaddy Social
    h. goPanache
    i. MyTime
    j. Salon Iris
    k. Setmore
    l. Shore Booking
    n. Squire
    o. Timely
    p. Vagaro Booking

    Some of these applications are free, to begin with, while others have paid versions only. You can also make use of Facebook’s Messenger to combine all your messages from Instagram and Facebook and set up auto-replies. Auto replies, help create a quick and responsible business environment which shows that you care to respond.

    Your Whatsapp for Business can also be configured as a ‘Call to Action’ on your social media pages.
  4. Contests: Contests are a great way for people to discover you on social media and contests are on top of the pyramid of social media marketing for salons.

    We need to engage with our audience and want them to participate in our content. We want people to have communicate with us.

    Build a contest, ask people to use your brand’s hashtag and tag in their friends. Friends of today will be your audience for tomorrow and client day after.
  5. Giveaways – Gift Cards: Give it back. You are in business because of your client. Show them some love.
    Be generous in rewarding your loyal customers with a ‘Free Gift Card’ every once in a while.

    Trust us, we have been in the business of optimizing social media marketing for our client’s businesses across different verticals and our observation is; ‘Everyone loves a gift’
  6. Hampers: If you are a salon owner, you may have access to a full range of beauty and skincare products. You may be selling them at your store. How about making a value hamper and selling it online too?

    Your clients know you for the excellent services that you offer them. Move ahead another level, help them to pamper their loved ones with quality products at value prices.

    What’s better is that they have been recommended by a beauty and wellness expert like yourself.
  7. Combo Offers: Two is better than one. How about a mother and daughter service combo, where the mother gets a free hair consultancy while the daughter takes a hair treatment?
    Be innovative, you know your business. Think unique.

These simple tricks when used as part of your social media marketing strategy, always work. Do not get tempted by your competitors’ journey, carve your own. You are in the business because you believe in it. You are in the beauty business because you have got the skill set. Define the purpose of your business, make people aware of your USPs (unique selling points).

Social media marketing is no rocket science, but getting professionals always helps. We would love to help you with your Salon business and help you create the required strategy and marketing funnels for your business.

Do write back to us, with your questions and business goals.

We are there for you. [email protected]

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