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  • Post published:January 27, 2020

Let’s be in customer’s shoes for a while to understand why social media marketing, especially Instagram, is actually important…

Imagine any popular occasion (birthday, anniversary, or weekend’s party) is around the corner and you want to enjoy with your friends, relish new cuisines, post stunning Insta-worthy pictures and completely slay the social media platform!

What would you exactly do?

Well, you’ve got the answer in your mind…

That’s right! You will do research on Instagram about restaurants’ social media profiles; watch their ambiance, videos, pictures, customer reviews, and so on…

This is where the importance of Instagram marketing for restaurants comes into play!

What is Instagram Marketing?

Instagram marketing is a prominent form of social media marketing that brands frequently use to connect with their target audiences and market their products, services, and other offerings. Recently, it has gained immense popularity as a viable option for brands to engage with customers, show off their cultures and products in a better and effective way.

For those looking to socially grow their restaurants, Instagram is now a mammoth of all social media platforms.

If you’re a newbie in this business or not getting enough customers to your table for a long time, choose the best digital marketing company in Delhi to effectively market your restaurant on Instagram and get unbelievable results.

Some Important Facts to Look Out

As per the research conducted, people between18-35 spend five whole days a year scrolling food images on Instagram, and if their Instagram presence was weak, 30% would avoid a restaurant and never recommend to their friends and family.

  • 90-94% of consumers admit that online reviews about a restaurant impact their buying decisions.
  • 80-85% of consumers give importance to online reviews and recommendations.
  • 65-69% of consumers are willing to pay up to 10% more for the same product or service if they found that the respective restaurant has a plush interior and lip-smacking delicacies.
  • 70- 75% of people purchased a product when they saw it on social media.

The impact of social media, as you could see, on online users is incredibly massive.

How anyone can avoid it!

7 Proven Instagram Marketing Tips for Restaurants That You Must Follow for Better Engagement in 2020

Here’s the list of proven and effective Instagram marketing tips for restaurants to get more followers and drive hungry people through the door,

  1. Create Instagram Business Profile with a Hashtag: This is the paramount task that you must be focused on when it comes to growing your business on Instagram.

Make sure you create your restaurant’s business profile on Insta that contains a short description, a link to the website, an address, and a unique branding- not to forget.

As the saying goes- People judge the book by its cover. So, if you want to attract chock full of customers, you have to have beautiful branding.

Ensure you keep a hashtag in your bio which tells customers what to tag when they post Instagram photos of your restaurant.

This will certainly help you keep track of user-generated content.

And why should you do it?


  • It shows how many visitors came to your profile for a genuine dining experience.
  • It helps build a community of potential customers.
  • It increases significant engagement.

By doing so, it will significantly save your time that you would’ve spent in creating content.

Pro Tip: If you don’t know how to effectively do it, choose the best social media marketing company in Delhi/NCR and drive huge traffic to your restaurant.

2. Pro Photography Tips: Like others, you’re probably relating it with just posting photos, videos, and gifs…right!

That’s what everyone does.

But are all restaurants getting enough traffic from this social media marketing trick?

Absolutely not!

Because they aren’t doing it the right way!

To engage customers, you must post catchy pictures, videos, and gifs but in the best possible way. Here’s how.

  • Lighting: When you’re taking pictures of your cuisines, avoid using flash and harsh overhead lights as it may annoy your customers. Instead, take photos near a window or softer light source for a more natural-looking appearance.
  • Add Elegance: Make sure you enhance the drama of your pictures by showing a wine glass and you are making the drink by placing ice cubes and splashes of water around the serving glass. Try including a chef or any in-house individual interacting with the food or drink to make it more appealing and inviting.
  • Add Texture: While taking food photographs with a “soft” texture (such as ice cream, soup, or stew), add a garnish that would add contrasts in color and amplify the dish’s texture for a more defined look.
  • Do the Rest: Make sure the snap of your restaurant’s interior should be warm and pleasant. Include photos of your staff working or guests enjoying their food (don’t forget to take their permission).
  • Use the Rule of Thirds: If you want to create captivating images, take a short break from front-and-center pictures, and use the rule of thirds instead. When your photo is broken down into thirds (both horizontally and vertically), it would have nine total parts, making your profile look both creative and stunning.

Pro Tip: Posting pictures and videos on Instagram isn’t enough to generate leads. A multitude of things, as you could see, is mandatory to bring out the desired results.

Don’t have time? Choose the best internet marketing services and witness your business growth to an unprecedented scale.

3. Run competitions & Giveaways: Another prominent social media marketing tip for restaurants is to run competitions with your audience.

Any benefit?


This would not only increase engagement with your followers but also reach out to your followers’ friends when you run a contest that includes ‘tag a friend’ a requirement for entry.

Before you actually throw any kind of competition, make sure you’ve already pre-decided a few things like the prize, the method of entry, how you’ll select the winner (no. of winners), and the process to redeem the prize, and other terms & conditions.

For better engagement and traffic, consider organizing a photo competition, where you ask your customers to share a photo of their food with your restaurant’s hashtag and choose the best entry to win!

How simple and effective it really is!

4. Make your space and Dish Insta-centric: No matter what kind of cuisines you offer, your guests will be more likely to take photos and share them on Instagram if your restaurant has good-looking dishes and interesting décor, of course.

Pro Tip: If your place doesn’t have an interesting décor, consider installing plant walls, any professional tip about the dish, flowers on the tables, or twinkle lights.

An attractive decor will create an exciting backdrop and bring a positive vibe that guests cannot resist to capture and share. Consequently, they will likely tag your business in the photo when they find your Instagram handle.

In this way, you will get the benefit of free advertising and exposure to your customers’ followers who’ll become aware of your business and may visit your restaurant soon.

5. Create Story Highlights: Another tip for restaurant marketing on Instagram is Story highlights!

When someone opens up your profile, you want to give them as much exposure to your restaurant. When you put story highlights, they will act as a menu on your Instagram profile, allowing users to navigate much like a website.

You can break the menu into diverse categories; it could be anything like meet the team profiles, weekly specials, or your favorite customer photos.

For this, you could choose the best digital marketing company in Delhi to create appealing story highlights.

You must be assured of what you really want to convey to visitors.

This will make your Instagram profile look clean and professional, and is generally more enticing to click!

Pro Tip: You could also use the Instagram Live feature that’s the best way to showcase a new dish, drink, and restaurant’s ambiance. When you go live, followers will be notified, you’ll grab their attention and show something exciting.

6. Share behind the Scenes: Does it work?

Yes… and if you don’t do so, you’re probably going to lose many customers.

Share moments, be it a comic, prank, preparing a glass of wine, cuisine, or anything from the backstage of your restaurant.

It would help in building relationships with customers over Instagram.

Show your employees and place them into the limelight. Show the world how you make the magic happen.

It will significantly socialize your restaurant and fosters the relationship between you and your followers and customers. And, they would likely recommend your place!!

7. Partner with Bloggers & Influencers: If you can get a food blogger with a large number of followers, you’ll certainly get the benefit of immense brand exposure.

There’s no harm in it…folks!

The best part is that they’re easily reachable, you can just DM them.

Now the question is what bloggers should you choose?

As a general thumb rule, a blogger with 30k-50k followers would be an ideal option. They are on a growing stage, building a reputation on the market and can easily do marketing for your restaurant without breaking your bank account.

If you can’t find one, try choosing the best social media marketing company in Delhi/NCR as they’re engaged with renowned food bloggers and entrepreneurs.

Pro Tip: Don’t go bloggers with over 1 million followers as it would be incredibly expensive. And why you should do so when you are getting results with one having 30k-35k followers.

Generate More Followers on Instagram with the Best Digital Marketing Company in Delhi

Instagram has a great potential to market your restaurant across the globe.

However, if you’re new in this business or don’t have enough expertise in this domain, we’d love to do it for you!

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