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  • Post published:November 10, 2020

Ok, so, you’ve just established your business online, great!

And now you might be looking to increase your local SEO rankings, right?

Well, obviously, that’s the reason, you are here!!

Whether you want to bring chockfull of customers to your business or increase your online presence, it just takes 2 minutes to read to improve your online presence!

Regardless of you run a coffee café, brick, and mortar business, or even a pizza restaurant, local citations play an insanely important role in ranking your business online across different websites, apps, business directories, and social media platforms.

Citations, if done correctly, are easy to manage and could lead to improved SEO rankings. But if you don’t know how to do it, choose the best local SEO Company in Delhi to do it for you!

Remember that “Even the slightest mistake may land your business in trouble”.

In this post, we’ll learn about local citations and how they can help improve your ranking on search engines.

What are Citations?

In simple terms, citations are nothing but an online reference to any organization online.

The references generally feature the business name, address, and phone number (NAP), and even a link to the home page of the company’s website.

The citation, however, can even include other important elements, including Business categories, Business description, Hours of operation, Email addresses, Images, Geo-coordinates, Videos, Payment forms accepted, Reviews, Responses from the owner, Links to social & other forms of media, Alternate phone numbers, Fax numbers, Driving directions, to name a few.

Before you blindfold run into citations without prior knowledge, you must consider the best SEO services company in New Delhi. Choosing professional assistance may lend you a helping hand by offering the best SEO services without breaking your bank.

What are the Types of Citations?

Here are the types of citations you should know.

  • Structured Citations:

A structured citation generally includes your company’s information in NAP format, i.e. Name, Address, and Phone Number. It is majorly done on sites that are specifically a business listing directory like Facebook, Yelp, and MapQuest.

  • Unstructured Citations:

Unlike structured ones, unstructured citations are usually done on websites that aren’t a listing directory. The sites are mainly your newspapers, magazines, and blogging sites.

Why You Should Consider Citations

Citations, arguably, play an incredibly important in improving your company’s presence online and attracting your target audience.

Don’t know, how?  Well, now you know!

  1. Improve Local Rankings

For local SEO, citations are considered a ranking factor that cannot be ignored. When you do list your business in reliable business directories, it automatically sends signals to Google to know about your business and increase your rankings.

If you, however, don’t have to do it, always consider the best local SEO service provider company in New Delhi.

As a matter of fact, “The number, accuracy, and the quality of your listings can affect how Google perceives your online presence”.

So, it is wise to choose professional assistance that can accurately pick your citations.

  • Piggy Back Page One Results

Since some websites like Yelp and Yellow Pages dominate pages of local search, considering them for building citations may significantly help consistently rank your site for most local searches.

  • Earn Referral Traffic

It’s often observed that many people are loyal to different citations.

For instance,

If you have a restaurant business, many of your foodie customers would go to “yelp” even before Google when finding a new restaurant.

How you can do Local Citations for Your Business

Building citations isn’t a cakewalk; as it could be potentially a daunting task.

If you’re, however, already busy managing other core operations of your business, it’s worth considering the right local SEO Company in Delhi that may help you out!

Let’s discuss the steps to do local citations.

1. Look for Local Citation Sites

If you run a business in India, then you can take help from the list of Citations Sites in India in 2020.

The sites include

  1. Indiamart
  2. Clickblue
  4. Zoompo
  5. Callme
  6. Tradeindia
  7. Yellowpagesdir
  8. Prekkha
  9. Tradesights
  10. Quikr
  11. B2Bhouse
  12. Grotal
  13. Jantareview
  14. Cootera
  15. Sevanow
  16. Submitmybusiness
  17. Khargharcity
  18. Bharathlisting
  19. Findshops
  20. Startlocal

2. Leverage Local Directories

A local directory, as discussed above, includes your company name, address, and phone number. You can easily create free local business listings on different directories as per your convenience.

Make sure you check your local directories to see whether a listing is already made for your company. Don’t forget to ensure that information is correct and true to your knowledge.

If there’s no listing, submit a new one!

And if you don’t have time to do so, choose a professional local SEO service provider company in New Delhi to create and submit a new one for you!

3. Take Help of Data Aggregators

For those who don’t know, many data aggregator sites collect the information from databases to prepare combined datasets for data processing.

These sites are helpful in propagating your business information on the internet!

Data aggregators simply collect information on businesses and then convey the same to other sites.

4. Be found on Review Sites

Did you know?

“Google usually check reviews of companies and then accordingly increase or decrease their site’s ranking”.

Make sure your site has positive reviews as they won’t only make your business appear reliable but will attract substantial customers.

Final Thoughts

So, that’s a wrap to the importance of citations in your local SEO!

Citations, as you could see, play an important role in improving your local SEO rankings.

But if you are already busy with other important chores, don’t worry; leave everything to us!

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