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  • Post published:June 7, 2020

When people with similar traits or common goals come together to celebrate life, we call it a Club. People for centuries have collaborated through different clubs to communicate better and achieve their life goals. Over the past decade, we have seen clubs taking advantage of digital media and social media especially social media platforms like Facebook to stay connected with each other, grow their community, and increase the outreach of their cause.

Owners, operators, moderators, and managers of these clubs often find digital media and social media to be very overwhelming. With increased awareness and usage of social media marketing for clubs, brilliant ROIs have been achieved.

Clubs in India can be classified into different categories. Let’s have a look at the list below:

  1. Hobby Clubs – These are clubs that cater to a hobby; like a book club or a painting review club or even a bird watchers club. In such clubs’ people connect over a meetup regularly organized at different locations.
  2. Recreation Clubs – These are facilities that cater to members only; extending facilities like restaurants, bar, gymnasium or health club, community gaming, lounges, swimming, etc… Many times these clubs are also found to be providing accommodation.
  3. Night Clubs – Nowadays, nightclubs have been abbreviated as clubs in millennial lingo. These are places where people are found enjoying different genres of music by varied artists over quality food and beverages.
  4. Social Clubs – A popular saying of the 21st century goes like “If you are not aware, you are dead”. People collaborate all the time to bring focus on social and political unjust. What better, if you can use social media mediums to amplify your cause and make more people aware and lobby for your cause.

Why should Clubs make use of Social Media Marketing in 2020?

Today, just about everyone has an imprint on social media. It’s about understanding your audience and choosing the platform where they are most likely to be found. A couple of things that are common to all the clubs is that their audience has clearly defined common goals and has a need to communicate amongst themselves.

Which Social Media Channel should a Club use in 2020?

Once, we have agreed upon the advantages and also the necessity of social media marketing, it is now easy to understand how to differentiate between the social media platforms. We have tried to list the benefits of different platforms for you to make the right decision to choose the best social media to communicate with your audience.

It is the oldest, most alive and kicking social media platform that we are totally in love with. It offers so much more than just what meets the eye. A lot of our contemporaries have written obituaries for Facebook, but we just can’t keep ourselves away from this. 95% of the socially active World’s population is on Facebook. It is super easy to create a community page for your Club and follow it with a group that helps in two-way communication. You can create queries, trivia, polls, or just general discussion with your audience here. As in the offline/ real world, we set rules for our Club; we do set the rules on the Facebook group for our audience. We can moderate every single activity that happens in here. The best part is that your audience gets the message and becomes part of the conversation/ communication while doing whatever they like; e.g. Checking on friends or checking their calendar etc.

A decade ago, just as the World was catching up with the concept of social media, one mother Neela Kaushik, started a Facebook group called “Gurgaon Moms” to connect with other mothers and share ideas. Today this group has more than 100 conversation starters every day. Do check them out at

It’s the place to be if you want your audience to grow. Instagram has the biggest population of people amongst the age group of 18-25. If you have a cause that you want more people to be aware of, Instagram can help you do just that, effortlessly. Just keep creating relevant content and connect with people who share the same passion. You would be totally surprised how soon you can grow from a following of hundreds to thousands and millions in no time.

Hanif Kureshi, an artist extraordinaire ventured on his own to seek recognition for street art and change the face of cities with this form of artistic expression. His moment St+Art has gained immense popularity and accolades not only from artists but from people across different walks of life. They regularly share work done by various artists on their Instagram page. Today they have a strong following of more than a hundred thousand people from across the World. Do check them out at

It is a very effective medium for Clubs that have to connect with sports or live events. The topical discussions and commentary on twitter help you to connect with like-minded people who share the same passion as you. Imagine if you are a cricket club, you would have so much to talk to your community about a live cricket match happening in any part of the World.

Manchester United is a very popular soccer club which has a following of nearly 22M on twitter, from across the World. Do check them out at

Though there are many more social media platforms that we can discuss, with this article we wish to restrict ourselves with the Top 3 social media platforms for Clubs only. Managing social media accounts is based on choosing the right platform for yourself and then creating relevant content. I would highly recommend you hire a social media agency in Delhi or a social media expert in Delhi to help you zero on the content stream for your club.

Communication is the key to success. Creating the right content as per the demography of your target audience is imperative to the success of your campaign.

In case, you have any questions, we would be more than happy to answer them. Do post below in the comment section or mail us at [email protected]

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