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  • Post published:July 7, 2020

Are you an eCommerce business looking to attract customers to buy your product?

If so, you’re not alone in this digital realm!

Every eCommerce is looking to gain a robust customer base by providing them a range of products they need.

But are they all successful? Are they all getting enough conversion?

Exactly…not everyone!!

A social media marketing company in Delhi is a must to serve the purpose.

Yes…you heard it right!

Social media marketing is a prominent form of online marketing that helps connect with your audience to build your brand, increase sales, and drive substantial traffic. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest are some of the popular social media platforms that are being widely used in today’s digital landscape.

Incorporating the right and effective social media marketing strategy should be the priority of any eCommerce organization today.

But before heading to the strategies, let’s discuss its actual importance.

Important Trends to Look Out for

If you want to get into your target audience’s head, keep the buzz alive in their lives. The commerce market, these days, is leveraging the growth of social media platforms; so should you.

  • Instagram, being the most influential shopping platform among all has 200+ million active users visiting at least one brand profile daily. And consequently, stories, ads, and shoppable posts are gaining popularity.

(You must adopt it as soon as possible)

Make sure you opt for the right digital marketing agency in Delhi to grow your business on social media platforms.

  • More than 90% of customers consider reviews on social media platforms like Facebook before buying anything.
  • With the company housing 2.4 billion monthly active users, businesses are aggressively focusing on creating a “Shop” tab on a business page, thereby allowing consumers to purchase their favorite item directly from Facebook.

eCommerce businesses, as you could see, are effectively utilizing social media platforms to increase their sales exponentially.

Consider hiring the best digital marketing company in Delhi that adhere to the latest social media trends and harness them effectively to outperform your competitors.

6 Effective Social Media Strategies to Grow your Ecommerce Business

When you choose the best social media marketing company in Delhi, ensure that they must offer these effective strategies.

Let’s discuss them in detail.

1. Build Credibility through Blog: If you’ve been relentlessly overlooking the blog part, you would start embracing it after this post.

A blog is a digital asset that not only helps in SEO but also facilitates sharing informative and engaging content on social channels.

It acts as a medium to launch new products and services and can redirect significant traffic to your website. Try incorporating your blog with engaging social media posts to offer a seamless buying journey of your customers.

For instance,

India’s popular fashion and lifestyle eCommerce portal Myntra has become an opinion leader in their industry. With their thought-provoking articles and placing product links within their blog has led to improved conversion rate.

Many organizations, by taking reference, have started applying these marketing strategies to drive engagement and conversion optimization.

2. Captivating Campaigns: When it comes to discounts and giveaway campaigns that can be beneficial to social media strategy.

For instance,

A popular eCommerce for eye care and spectacles, Lenskart has gained huge success by utilizing social media campaigns. They have provided a free coupon of Rs. 150 on any new registration.

And consequently, they have been successful in creating the hype about their products on social media platforms.


One of their campaigns had achieved 6000 plus tweets on Twitter and 1.6 million hits on Facebook which is no small feat to achieve.

Also, you can incorporate polls in your posts to get insight into your audience’s behavior about your product.

If you’re new to the world of campaigns and social media, consider hiring a creative design agency in Delhi that can create stunning campaigns for your business.

3. Consider Social Media Marketing Ads: “Nearly 90% of marketers use Facebook in their brand marketing efforts, according to a leading social media consulting company, Sprout Social”.

Such massive use of Facebook ads by marketers suggests that ads are insanely important in increasing engagement and reach.

But ensure that the audience of your platform connects with your consumers before investing in any social media ads. The platform should augment your brand image and communicate seamlessly with your target audience.

Recently, two popular social media giants, Facebook and Instagram added dynamic product ads in their ad formats portfolio. This would help you in promoting your products to those who have earlier showed their interest in that particular item on your app, website, or anywhere on the internet.

Ads are something that needs professional assistance. Make sure you choose the best digital marketing agency in Delhi that has experience in creating social media ads. Check their portfolio to get a better understanding.

4. Use Social Reviews: When it comes to building social proof on your product pages, consumers’ product reviews are important.

Some eCommerce platforms use certain apps to develop more engaging reviews in their online stores, but you can leverage reviews from your social media.

These apps let you connect your social accounts to post user-generated content on your pages.

But Facebook also has its reviews that you cannot avoid.

When potential customers discover you in social media, (without going to your site) they can see right from the channel that how other consumers are raving about your products and service.

5. Incorporate Product Videos: Product images may not describe their functionality or provide a complete overview.

Videos are the most eye-catching and viable forms of media that e-commerce businesses should leverage and offer them in a better way to customers.

You can use videos to bridge the gap between offline and online shopping experiences. Incorporating videos would help in providing a clear overview of the product and offer a holistic buying experience.

But ensure that product videos should be of high-quality that may easily attract your customers. Otherwise, they won’t visit your site in the future no matter how good your service is.

Consider the best creative design company in Delhi that can create high-quality and informative videos to attract significant traffic.

6. Influencer Marketing: An advanced and better alternative to the word of mouth marketing, influencer marketing has become a strategy not to miss.

Due to the advent of the internet and social media, the way people work through the buying process has changed.

Before choosing a social media influencer, don’t overlook their credibility and check how wide their reach is.

Remember that Influencers act as brand ambassadors for the audience and thus the information they put out there should be in sync with what the business stands for.

Final Thoughts

That sums up the best social media strategies for eCommerce.

But remember that it takes time. You cannot expect results overnight.

And no matter how good your product or service is, you must incorporate these effective strategies to grow your business.

Don’t want to do it? If so, leave everything to us!

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