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  • Post published:May 20, 2021

Did you know?

Nearly 380 websites are created every minute; meaning over 6 websites are created every second.

Yes, the moment you read the word “every second”, 6 websites have already been created!

Surprising…isn’t it!

If you’re a business looking to attract visitors and earn a significant profit, you have to have a website! And if you don’t have time to build one, choosing the best web design & development company to do it for you without breaking your bank.

Before you build a website for your business, you must consider the type of website design.

Let’s discuss the different types of websites you must consider in 2022.

1. E-commerce Websites:

Well, an e-commerce site acts as a medium for buying and selling items. If you are a business involved in buying and selling, you can consider an e-commerce website.

Some of the most popular e-commerce websites include Nykaa, Amazon, Flipkart, etc. on these sites, nearly thousands of customers order products. Features like hassle-free payment, secured gateway, and add to cart option have made these sites incredibly popular.

When it comes to creating well-crafted e-commerce websites, there are various content management software tools being used like Shopify, WordPress, Squarespace.

Don’t know how to do it? If so, no worries! Simply choose the best website development services and get a scalable, robust, and efficient e-commerce site today!

2. Magazine Websites:

These kinds of sites are a digital form of traditional magazines that incorporate informative blogs/articles, videos, pictures, etc.

If you have a journalism business, you must consider having a magazine site. When you are planning to create a magazine site, make sure you have an idea of its outline.

Also, ensure the design should always remain intact, no matter what day the user visits the website.

3. Home Pages

Home Page acts as a door to your business that constitutes links to all other pages of the website.

Although the homepage can be designed in a variety of styles, it acts as the Unique Selling Proposition of your business creatively. Your business homepage design must include a multitude of things like clearly visible links to relevant web pages, beautiful and informative graphics, proper structure, call-to-action, and more.

When you choose a leading web design company, your business will have stunning homepages that will surely turn visitors into potential customers.

4. Blog Websites

If you like to educate readers about a specific thing, then you must consider a blog website.

It is a dynamic form of a website that shows the content where the newer ones show on the top and the older content gets down.

But make sure you must have a team of experienced bloggers/content writers who can write informative and engaging content. If you don’t have one, simply choose a reliable web development company.

5. Social Media Sites:

This is another type of website that has gained significant traction among businesses over the past few years. Some of the social media websites include Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

If you’re looking to get a social media website for your business, then make sure it has an easy to traverse and easily understandable layout.

6. Landing Pages

Landing Page is a standalone web page that is specifically designed for a particular product or a service.

The main idea behind creating a landing page is to entice a visitor to take some action by clicking on a CTA button. Even the content written on a landing page is limited to simply convert a visitor into a prospective customer.

It consists of a limited amount of content written strategically to convert a visitor to a potential customer.

7. Portfolio Websites

It really doesn’t matter whether you are a wedding planner, painter, any aspiring model, you can consider having a portfolio site.

There’s no arguing with the fact that artists always search for a platform to showcase their talent. If you’re one such artist, you can get a portfolio website developed or you can choose the best web development services for your site today!

Final Thoughts

So, that’s a wrap-up to the different types of websites you must consider in 2022!

Before you plan to make a website, you must consider your business goals to make your investment a lucrative one.

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