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  • Post published:January 17, 2020

Well, this is the most frequently asked question on the internet and is buzzing around among startups and established organizations finding internet marketing services to grow their business.

But the question is still unanswered.

Don’t worry; we’ve got your back!!

In this post, we’ll try to give you a thorough answer to the question in the easiest way.

But before we aggressively rush to the cost of digital marketing for small businesses, you must understand what the term exactly means.

Because it’s not just a term, it refers to the use of digital channels that help market your products or services around the globe, instead.

Technically, it is a well-known strategy that includes a range of tools and mediums that work together to depict a systematic pathway to the success of your business.

Still not convinced?

Let’s understand it properly!

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing or internet marketing or online marketing- you could say, is the unconventional form of marketing where products and services are marketed using digital technology on the internet through search engines, email, mobile apps, social media platforms, websites, digital ads, etc.

No matter what business you’re in, be it an automobile corporate giant or a small grocery store in the locality, you have to have the best digital marketing company in Delhi for brand awareness, increased sales, and significant business growth- not to forget.

If you think it’s about digital marketing, you’re probably wrong.

Instead, it’s all about the different channels of digital marketing that play an imperative role in determining the cost of social media marketing and internet marketing services, as a whole.

What would be the Overall Cost to Get Digital Marketing for Small Businesses?

Regardless of the size of any business, they prefer digital marketing agencies that may take care of all the associated marketing activities.

As a matter of fact, different agencies have their own predefined price structure and so-called structure is again categorized into the type of digital marketing service you want for your business.

Sounds interesting!!

Because it’s a technology-driven world, you may find cheap to the costly price structure and it entirely depends on what you really choose.

Pro Tip: Remember that economical services don’t always of low quality and expensive doesn’t always bring out top-class results.

Consider setting a rational digital marketing budget.

There are plenty of factors that may impact the cost of digital marketing like the size of your business and the type of business.

Yes…that does matter a lot!

The average cost of digital marketing for small businesses, however, ranges from 25,000 Rs. to 120,000 Lakh per year for Small and medium businesses, or it could be more. Keep in mind that the process of digital marketing is eternal, so your budget may fluctuate as per your business’s needs.

For a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing, let’s take a look at each digital marketing component.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you want your target customers to know about your business, product, and services, then Search Engine Optimization is the right solution.

With SEO, you can increase your website’s ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs) and reach out to more customers that ultimately benefit your business.

Whether you’ve just established your business or a full-fledged business, SEO is not only mandatory but an integral part of your overall digital marketing strategy.

An SEO strategy, however, is based on what kind of keywords you want to target.

The higher the number of targeted keywords, the more the price you would have to pay. This is because an SEO package is based on the number of target keywords.

The average cost of SEO can go up to 12,000-35,000 per month.

For those who don’t know, content marketing is also included in the SEO option where a respective agency offers a multitude of content services like blog posting, articles, press releases, classifieds, description, email outreach; just to name a few.

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Social Media Marketing (SMO)

SMO, just like SEO, plays a significant role when it comes down to growing your business online in this tech dominating world.

Why it is effective?

It helps to make a direct and personal connection with your customers.

The most commonly used platforms for SMO are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube- not to forget.

Pro Tip: The required level of support is directionally proportional to the final marketing cost.

As a matter of fact, the more active the social media presence you want for your business, the bigger the marketing budget should be considered.

Well, the average cost for SMO can go up to 20,000-35,000 per month.

But if you want the best social media marketing services at a lucrative price, choose Best Digital Marketing Company in Delhi and witness business growth to an unprecedented scale.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC or Google Ads, you could say, is one of the best digital marketing techniques that can help you advertise to your target audience and drive substantial leads.

If your business wants to run a campaign for a specific period, for instance, New Year Sale, Monsoon Offer, Free Gifts, then PPC is a viable option to get instant results.

If you are looking to get effective and instant results, then you have to splurge on paid digital marketing, i.e. Pay-per-Click. This is incredibly effective when you want to generate quick leads in a short span of time.

On the contrary, if you do not want instant results, then you can choose a regular SEO and SMO plan without thinking much and start witnessing the gradual and effective growth of your business.

Pro Tip: The more you invest your money, the more effective your ads would be.

Talk about the cost, the average price can go up to 22000-25000 per month.

But if you’re a startup or a newbie on the market or not getting enough leads for a long time, consider choosing the best digital marketing company in Delhi and outperforming your competitors.

Does the Type of Business Matter in Determining the Cost?

In simpler terms…Yes, it does!!

And the reason behind this is that no two businesses are the same, so are their marketing budgets for digital channels.

For example, if you’re a fast-moving consumer durable (FMCD) company where you have to have a robust relationship with customers, you need to give out more funds for the same.

On the other hand, if you’re a business-to-business product supplier or an organization where offline connection plays a paramount role; there seems no logic to spend heavily on digital marketing. A bit of SEO would be sufficient enough!

Apart from this, your spending capability is what drives you to embrace digital marketing up to a certain level.

Does the Location Matter in Determining the Cost?

Well… without a shadow of a doubt…it does!

It’s indeed a logical yes.

The more regions you want to reach out to, the more marketing budgets you would need.

For a local business, the average cost of digital marketing for small businesses would be relatively low as compared to a business that’s on an intentional scale as a limited digital marketing budget may not be enough to fulfill needs.

Why Should You Choose the Right Digital Marketing Company for Small Businesses?

Many factors influence the price of digital marketing, as you could see, it’s important to consider the unique selling points (USPs) of each agency before making a decision. While their USPs may not affect your online marketing costs, they do impact your overall experience as a client.

We, at Mise-en-Place, are a team of experienced and certified digital marketing professionals who provide you with stellar internet marketing services to significantly grow your business, without breaking your bank account.

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